The # 1 app for healthier living

The Meersens app, guardian of your health

The # 1 app for healthier living

The Meersens app, guardian of your health

The guardian app for your health


Analyze your exposure in real time

Measure the impact on your health

Take the right steps for a healthier life

Let's act for a healthier world

Augment your exprience

Analyze your environment and your diet

Wherever you are and whenever you want, control the quality of the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and analyze all the pollutants you are exposed to.
Make the invisible visible for a healthier life.

Measure and limit the impact of risks on your health

The Meersens app allows you to measure in real time and wherever you are the impact of pollutants on your health taking into account your pathology, medical issues, lifestyle and your history of use.
Health monitoring in one click to act for a healthier life!

A healthier life in one click

Meersens supports you in improving your daily life to reduce the impact of risks on your health. Find expert articles, tips and the right things to do.

A societal impact movement for a healthier world

#HealthGuardian, let’s act together for a better world, where life is good.

An augmented experience

One push for an immediate measurement, wherever you are. Discover the mBox and its mSens, the connected object that adapts to your daily life and helps you make the best choices for your health.

They talk about us

Make the invisible visible,
for a healthier life

Analyze the quality of your environment

Wherever you are, in your city, at your workplace or even at your children’s school, get air quality index (pollen, pollutants, NO2, O3, PM2.5, VOC, …), noise, waves, water quality

Access a complete risk map

A health alert in the restaurant where you wanted to dine, a cloud of pollution in the park where you used to walk … Be alerted to protect yourself and your loved ones!

Decrypt your diet

Thanks to the barcode scan, allergens,addivites,pesticides,risky ingredientsand product recalls ,
will have no more secrets for you! Make the best choices for your health.

The perfect app

If you want a healthy environment for you and your loved ones

If you suffer from medical conditions and problems

If you want to act and make the world a good place to live

Risk analysis for your health

Want to measure and reduce the impact of pollutants on your health?

Fill in the information about yourself. Quite simply.
Your data is totally secure and anonymous.

  • The Meersens Risk Index will become your health monitoring and will take into account your hisotyr of exposure and your medical conditions ;
  • Recommendations and advice are made according to your profile.A personalized experience to reduce your exposure on a daily basis and over time.

Adopt the right habits ,
for a healthier life

  • With the Meersens app, adapt your daily actions to the quality of your environment.
  • Join a caring community, caring and close to you, wishing to act for a better world.

Let’s act

Join the#HealthGuardian movement and take action for public health through citizen action!

Become a whistleblower, help the community avoid risk areas, health issues on food … Share your advice, your good gestures, together act for a better world!

And to go even further

The mBox and its mSens

Immediate and precise measurement at 1m around you, wherever you are!

mBox, the connected object that adapts to your daily life and helps you make the best choices for your health and that of your loved ones. Control in real time the impact of risks to your health, wherever you are.

Award-winning solution “Tech For Good” at CES 2019
Responds to one of the 17 UN SDGs: Health and Well-being for all

Join a community of whistleblowers around the globe!

Let’s work together for a better world.

Lyon, France
Meerkat since 12/05/2019

“Meersens makes it possible, through a single application, to identify and assess in real time a whole range of risk factors linked to our direct environment (air pollution, water quality, composition of supermarket products, waves electromagnetic etc.) which makes it a simple and practical tool to use in everyday life! Perfect tool!

Strasbourg, France
Meerkat since 07/13/2019

Top this app! It allows me to test the impact of the environment on my health. Before I go running I always check !! And I love the articles, tips and tricks !! “

Paris, France
Meerkat since 04/30/2019

“Super powerful app, which allows you to replace several applications at the same time (Yuka, Plumes among others …) and which is personalized as you go … Top!”




Analyze your exposure in real time!
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