Are you wondering about the omnipresent presence of electromagnetic waves and WIFI in your home, if this has a harmful impact on your health?Here is some information on the effects and impacts of waves such as WIFI but also 5G.Electromagnetic waves are part of our daily life.WIFI, telephone antennas, and soon 5G are omnipresent in individuals, businesses, schools, hotels and more and more public places.

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A new subject of interest for science
Officially recognized health impacts
Debated health impacts
Electromagnetic devices with screen and blue light
What to remember?

Is the impact of electromagnetic waves on health a new subject of interest for science?

You should know that any wireless electronic device emits electromagnetic waves.The waves emitted by antennas and wifi do not represent a health hazard according to the WHO, however the precautionary principle remains in place.Indeed, all dangers cannot be ruled out and numerous scientific studies are underway.ANSES is launching a call for projects dedicated to the theme “Radiofrequence and health “.The aim is to expand and strengthen knowledge on the subject.The themes are the mechanisms of action of radiofrequencies at the cellular level, the search for physiological or health effects, exposure and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.Particular attention will be paid to 5G.Likewise, the new National Health and Environment Plan (PNSE4) includes action to reduce exposure to electromagnetic waves (including 5G).

The officially recognized impacts of electromagnetic waves on health

The only health effect of electromagnetic waves established to date is an increase in body temperature upon exposure to very high intensity fields.In addition, high frequency electromagnetic waves (non-ionizing radiation) have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as agents “may be carcinogenic” to humans.Using a cell phone close to the face can increase the risk of developing brain tumors (gliomas).Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves is recognized but is considered a psychiatric illness!This hypersensitivity results in various symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, difficulty concentrating, fatigue… This disease can be considered to be a real handicap.

The impacts of electromagnetic waves on health which are debated!


Perturbation du développement cellulaire


The radiation of electromagnetic waves would disrupt growing tissues in small children or even in the fetus. Their cell development is delayed.

Faut-il avoir peur des ondes électromagnétiques et du WIFI ?


In some cases the effects of electromagnetic frequencies are more physical than psychological. This negative impact of WIFI waves often results in increased heart rate, according to a scientific study published on ScienceDirect long exposure to WI-FI waves increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Faut-il avoir peur des ondes électromagnétiques et du WIFI ?


In adults, WIFI radiation can lead to heating of brain tissue. In addition, repeated cell phone use close to the face increases the risk of developing brain tumors (gliomas).


Faut-il avoir peur des ondes électromagnétiques et du WIFI ?


Electromagnetic waves are believed to reduce fertility in both men and women. WIFI radiation disrupts the mobility of sperm.

In women this particularly concerns those working in an environment with a high concentration of electromagnetic waves.


Electromagnetic devices with screen and blue light

A proven risk this time is exposure to blue light through the use of electronic devices with screens (cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.).Scientific knowledge shows that exposure to light with a high content of blue color has proven effects on the body such as disruption of the body clock and sleep as well as harmful effects on vision.Infants, young children and young adults are particularly at risk and should be the subject of special protections.Currently, the existing solutions are to reduce exposure to blue light, especially at bedtime, and to avoid leaving young children in front of a screen.For people wearing glasses a blue light filter can be added to reduce exposure.

What to remember ? 

Electromagnetic waves undoubtedly have biological effects but their impacts on health must be documented in order to understand what the risks are depending on the window of life and the dose to which an individual is exposed. In addition, the lack of perspective (4G and 5G remain recent, children are exposed earlier and earlier …) must be taken into account for new generations in relation to cumulative exposure over the course of life.

The precautionary principles must be applied:

-Cut off WIFI, cell phones at night or when not in use

-Use a hands-free kit for calls (allows you to move the phone away from your face)

-Avoid putting your cell phone in your pocket (no proven risk of impaired fertility, but you never know;)

-Delay the use of laptops and other connected objects for children as much as possible

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