Launch of the new website

January 10, 2020
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Meersens has just launched its new website today, offering quick and easy access to its entire solution and to key information making Meersens the leader in exposome data.
In the constant concern to make visible environmental risks and their impacts on public health; Meersens has developed a website providing access to essential information, scientific content and expert advice.
The new fully responsive site aims to provide a more intuitive customer experience with modern design and enriched with new features.
The website is organized in different parts:

  • The Meersens solution presented through the application and the mBox and its mSens;
  • Related pages on the subject of the exposome, air quality, water quality, waves exposure, UV exposure and noise pollution;
  • A space about Meersens named #HealthGuardian referring to the Meersens impact movement;
  • A complete press area in which you can find the latest Meersens press releases and press kits;
  • A blog space with numerous articles and good habits;
  • A team and recruitment area.
Created, designed and made with by Meersens

About Meersens:

Health and exposure to the environment have today become major challenges of our modern societies, which it is urgent to control in order to act for a healthier world. We are talking about invisible dangers, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. These environmental factors that impact health have a name: the exposome.
Co-founded by Morane REY-HUET and Louis STOCKREISSER, Meersens is a unique aggregation and modeling solution for global environmental and health data combining deep tech, AI and machine learning with the aim of working in a Public Health approach and of societal utility to save lives and act for a healthier world. Meersens, leader in exposure data, works for hospitals / insurance centers, governments and public authorities, manufacturers, real estate centers, associations… not only by giving them the tools to identify, measure and control environmental and health risks but also by providing solutions in a preventive and predictive approach to limit or avoid these risks.

Meersens acts like a sentinel, it is the guardian of your health!

Press contact:

communication@meersens.comPhone: +33 642634536