Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves quésaco ? You may have heard of it since the subject has been debated for several years with the rise of connected objects, LINKY counters and new mobile networks (3G then 4G and soon 5G). But what is the problem ?

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A part of the population, whose number isn’t known exactly (between 2 and 8%), present symptoms that would be caused by low and high frequency electromagnetic fields. But nowadays waves are everywhere inside and out ; even sometimes in unexpected places !

Exposition to waves at the beach 

The symptoms are various, they decrease with dermatological problems (redness, tingling and burning sensations) and neurasthenic and/or vegetative symptoms (tiredness, weariness, difficulty concentrating, laziness, nausea, cardiological palpitations and digestif disturbance). The major difficulty is the medical recognition of magnetic hypersensitivity. Indeed, it is not considered as a disease in France, although the reality of the symptoms is not discussed

Why this lack of recognition, are you going to ask me ? 

Simply because it has not been scientifically proven that the observed symptoms came from a hypersensitivity. The individuals that present an increased sensitivity to waves aren’t capable in experimental conditions to more intensely feel the waves compared to a non sensitive individual.
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It has been suggested that these symptoms could result as environmental factors without any link with waves, for example flickering from fluorescent lamps, reflects and other visual problems associated with display screens, as well as a bad ergonomically conception of computerized workstations.

Other factors, like poor air quality in the premises or stress in the work or life environment, could also play a role. But nothing is sure, so the waves can not be excluded from probable causes

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So myth or reality ? No scientific can decide. However, hypersensitivity to electromagnetic waves mustn’t be ignored, more be taken slightly because the sufferance endured by the patient and the symptoms are real. The progress to this day resides in recommandations from WHO  to doctors for patient care.

The care advised to doctors by WHO is not the reduction of wave exposition, but to offer solutions to heal their sanitary symptoms. For an action on wave exposition the patients would have to turn towards doctors that recognize the disease or call out specialized associations like « Robins des toits » that helps individuals to live in optimal living conditions by acting on their wave exposition.

Nowadays, this problem is being taken seriously and scientific studies are still being carried out in order to understand and characterize this public health question. Justice also begins to recognize hypersensitivity cases with according derogations to electro-sensitives in order to refuse the establishment of LINLY counters in their homes for example.

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Solution Meersens - Santé environnementale

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