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a sentinel for your health

Meersens is a unique solution for people who care about living their life in a healthy and safe way, testing in few seconds your immediate environment that may impact your health: air, waves, UV, pesticides, gluten, water…

Meersens is a friendly meerkat that acts as a sentinel and alerts you of any potential risks for your health and propose you dedicated solutions.

Meersens aims at contributing to make people more aware of their surroundings and risks associated and advocates for a better world and a sustainable environment while being socially responsible and connected.

Make sure you and your family are living in a safe and healthy way! 

If you are concerned by your environment, continue to read or join Meersens Community be part of the WikiHealth!

Our technology

Don’t wait, check your immediate environment that may impact your and your family’s health!

Personalized sensors allow you to test many types of concerns you may have about your immediate environment such as air, waves, UVs, gluten, pesticides, water…

Meersens with a set of capsules mSens that you plug into mBox will process data through your smartphone app mCheck and show you associated risks. This modular and unique approach is the ultimate solution for you to test your immediate environment.

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Your IoT device with embedded key sensors, performs various statistical analysis and data crossing measures that are sent to the smartphone app mCheck.

Size of a smartphone

Bring your mBox everywhere with its tiny and practical design.

Rechargeable battery

Never run out of awareness with a fully rechargeable battery.


Personalized single or multi use capsules that measure everything you need.


Check if you can continue tanning with the mSens UV.


See if you are exposed to magnetic waves in your close environment.


Easily have an idea of your ambient air quality with the mSens Air.


Thanks to mCheck that uses specialize sensors and cloud to process data see results in just few seconds on your smartphone app mCheck. mCheck provide reliable information based on WHO levels recommendations and country standards and gives helpful recommendation to eliminate risks. Red color indicates the risk and the blue color indicates that you are safe.

Check & share

Access results statistics already done by Meersens Community members who did the same test nearby in the past 30 days.

Get to the point

Simplified explanations around risk with videos from well-known doctors and scientifics

Act & change

Consult potential benchmarked solutions & find out how to change your environment to reduce risks. 

Dive into it

Receive detailed analysis as well as recommendations by location/by mSens and relevant information about the various impacts.