Environmental intelligence for smart decisions.

Mitigate environmental risks and positively contribute to stakeholders' health & well-being.
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Leverage environmental data to protect your assets

Assess environmental impact indoor and outdoor
Act proactively by alerting and securing your communities & stakeholders
Carry on study to correlate environment and health impact
Create an unique personalized health experience for your assets based on exposome data

Transform environmental data into action

Combined smart data modeling, IoT and perceptions to address environmental challenges

Environmental Data

Air quality

Leverage air quality data to improve your decision-making processess, better understand the environment you operate in and ensure compliance at any stage.

PM2.5, PM10, CO2, O3, NO2, VOC, SO2

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Predict and apprehend pollen impacts on communities you are responsible for to anticpate business and market adjustments.

Ragweed, Olive tree, Grasses, Birch tree

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Model & measure noise propagation to get in-depth insights about the consequences induced for or by your business.

Noise level

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Water quality

Ensure communities safety and maintain company impacts within regulation with water quality monitoring and its parameters measurement.

Bacteries, Pesticides, Radioactivity, Nitrates, Water hardness.

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Reduce and control electromagnetic waves exposure trough field modeling and hotspots identification.

EM Waves

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UV & Light

Gain knowledge about ultraviolet rays exposure and how it can affect your markets responses or benefit your commercial strategy.

UV Index

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Meteorological conditions are uncontrollable factors that have undeniable effects on your business. Learn how to plan appropriate reaction to take advantage of it.

Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Wind speed

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Track food trends and changes in quality to estimate your footprint on communities first and most sensible needs.

Product recalls, Allergens & dangerous additives, Food establishement sanitary inspections results

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environment anywhere, anytime,

Leverage the power of environmental intelligence to unlock values, assess potential risks and make smart and confident decisions.

Make the invisible visible as a key step to protect your assets and mitigate risks. The Assess module of a unique and agile SaaS allows you to have a precise overview of the environment in defined location and time span. From benchmarking, monitoring to compliance and alerting, it gives you in real time the means to act around your CSR and QLW priorities.

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communities & stakeholders


communities & stakeholders

Interact in a different level to better understand perceptions by creating virtuous circle between the environment, your stakeholders and your company.

Harness communities’ feedbacks through a unique and agile SaaS platform and in-app solutions. The Engage module is perfect to understand how the environment will impact health and well-being. It’s an untapped approach to set preventive plans while insuring proper return on investments.

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Get precise environmental data for reliable exposure computation

Accurate data modeling, agregating and merging data points from hundreds of appraised datasources

Constant data validation by combining IoT and ground measurement with resulting modeled data

Data transparent confidence evaluation

Temporal data and geographical resolution

Get precise environmental data for reliable exposure computation

Environmental data at the service of Health & Well-being


Benefit from scientific excellence of years of R&D and internal collaborations

Access AI and cutting-edge technologies serving population's health in a preventive and predictive approach

Engage communities around protective behaviour to lower chronic diseases

Predict and simulate health to act on a long term on life in good health

Unlock the power of environmental data for smart decisions

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Reliable and accurate data, coverage and support like no other provider

Personnalized experience
An highly engaging and intuitive experience to insure you efficiency.

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