WATER pollution finally visible!

Let's act for a healthier water

WATER pollution finally visible!

Let's act for a healthier water

2 liters
amount of water that a person should drink on average per day. It is essential that water meets all criteria of sanitary and environmental quality.
The water that flows from our taps is a product of the most elaborate and undergoes multiple and strict stages before being qualified as “potable” or fit for consumption.
The drinking water in France comes from 62% of groundwater and 38% of surface water (river, river, lake, …).

Purified water,
but why?

Water satisfies one of the essential needs of man and constitutes an indispensable good. There are many sources of water pollution: chemical pollution, diffuse pollution caused by agricultural practices (use of nitrates and pesticides) and accidental pollution resulting, for example, from the discharge of toxic products into the natural environment.
Because we are entitled to ask ourselves when the impact of water quality on our health, let’s take stock together.

Join us and take action by making the invisible visible for a healthier life.

Drink pure water for your health!

List and levels of pollutants in drinking water in your municipality
Geolocated notification in the event of a pollution episode
Water quality index in over 26,000 municipalities in France and more than 36,000 municipalities in the United States
Water pollution risk index according to your health profile
Tips and tailor-made recipes for purified water
Interactions and mutual help in the global Meersens community

Wherever you are, Meersens helps you measure your exposure and empowers you.

Decrypt the water you consume using a pollutant by pollutant analysis: bacteria, nitrates, pesticides, radioactivity and measure your exposure according to O.M.S standards.

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Meersens alerts you to the risk of pollutants in your drinking water.

An alert for the presence of bacteria, radioactive elements … in your drinking water ?! Meersens informs you in real time in the event of heavy pollution so that you can adopt the right actions and act in a predictive and non-reactive approach. The prosumer app for healthier living.

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Is the tap water of good quality? Check!

Find the analysis of the quality of drinking water throughout France taking into account the standards and regulations of water quality in force.

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Your health indicator that will follow you throughout the day.

This environmental quality index allows you to analyze in real time, pollutant by pollutant, the impact of risks on your health. By taking into account an infinity of variables such as your personal profile, your pathologies, your exposure monitoring and your lifestyle …

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Adopt the right actions for a healthier life!

It’s not only during pollution episodes that we have to protect ourselves and do the right things, but every day, to reduce the risks to our health.

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Join a global community of whistleblowers working for healthier lives.

Water unfit for consumption? Presence of bacteria? Inform other users by launching an alert, thereby enabling them to avoid a risk zone, in particular for people with health problems.

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Water pollution news

Take action for clean water

The application
The guardian of your health

Analyze the quality of the water you drink and measure the impact on your health in real time.

The prosumer solution: chlorine, limestone, nitrate, lead, bacteria, pesticides, … nothing will have any secrets for you! Quality water for good health.

Do not just control the water you drink! But also the food you consume, the waves to which you are exposed or the air you breathe …



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