NOISE POLLUTION finally visible!

Let's act for a quieter life

NOISE POLLUTION finally visible!

Let's act for a quieter life

Threshold of pain regarding loudness. But the ear suffers damage from 85dB.
5 million
French suffer from hearing problems, including 2 million under 55 years old. AFSSE
It takes more than 16 hours of rest to our earsto recover from 2 hours spent in a discotheque with a noise of 105 dB.

Reduce noise pollution,
but why?

Noise pollution is more and more heard! Noise is omnipresent in our daily lives: road traffic, air pollution, transport, restaurants, sound stores, work and even in our workspaces.
Even if, for the same level of noise exposure, the effects can vary greatly from one individual to another, this accumulation of high intensity noise is a real danger that is now well known; Beyond the only auditory sphere, noise can affect the individual and cause disorders of very different forms.
Because we are entitled to ask ourselves about the impact on our health, let’s take stock together.

Join us and take action by making the invisible visible for a healthier life.

Reduce your exposure!

Average noise levels around you according to the time of day
Geolocation of areas of strong noise pollution around you
Immediate measurement of the noise level around you thanks to the mBox
Risk index linked to your exposure according to your health profile
Tips and tailor-made recipes for a less noisy life
Interactions and mutual help in the global Meersens community

Thanks to Meersens, it is possible to avoid very noisy areas.

The application and the mBox offer the possibility of preventing noise, regardless of its source.

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The Meersens app guides you to the noisiest areas, wherever you are!

With the Meersens solution and its global community of whistleblowers, explore a complete mapping, wherever you are in the world of all noise alerts and measurements. An exit to the park? A planned trip? Choose the least exposed place and take your precautions.

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Analyze the noise levels around you in real time and wherever you are thanks to the mBox.

One press for immediate measurement thanks to the mBox, the connected object that adapts to your daily life and helps you make the best choices for your health and that of your loved ones.

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Your health indicator that will follow you throughout the day.

This environmental quality index allows you to analyze in real time, pollutant by pollutant, the impact of risks on your health. By taking into account an infinity of variables such as your personal profile, your pathologies, your exposure monitoring and your life habits …

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Adopt the right actions for a healthier life!

It’s not only during episodes of high noise pollution that we have to protect ourselves and take the right actions, but every day, to reduce the risks to our health.

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Join a global community of whistleblowers working for healthier lives.

Too much noise around you ?! Inform other users by launching an alert, thereby enabling them to avoid these risks, in particular for children and people with health problems.

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News on noise pollution

The noise maps in France

The noise maps in France

Noise maps: Mandatory every 5 years according to European regulations, they assess noise exposure from transportation and industries

Our solutions to limit exposure

The Meersens application

The guardian of your health

The mBox and its mSens sensors

The connected object that adapts to your daily life and helps you make the best choices for your health and that of your loved ones.

Do not just control the level of noise you are exposed to! But also the water you drink, the air you breathe or the food you consume …

Join a community of whistleblowers around the globe!

Let’s work together for a better world.

Lyon, France
Meerkat since 12/05/2019

“Meersens allows you to identify and assess in real time a whole range of risk factors linked to our direct environment (air pollution, water quality, composition of supermarket products, electromagnetic waves) etc.) which makes it a simple and practical tool to use every day! Perfect tool!

Strasbourg, France
Meerkat since 07/13/2019

Top this app! It allows me to test the impact of the environment on my health. Before I go running I always check !! And I love the articles, tips and tricks !!”

Lyon, France
Meerkat since 04/05/2019

“Super powerful app, which allows you to replace several applications at the same time (Yuka, Plumes among others …) and which is personalized as you go … Top!”




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