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Create virtuous circle between your environment and your stakeholders by understanding their perceptions. Set personalized path to avoid potential risks and contribute to health and well-being.

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Unleash the power of human perceptions

Unleash the power of environmental intelligence

Harness communities’ feedbacks through a unique and agile platform SaaS and in-App Pro solutions. The Engage module is perfect to understand how the environment may impact health and well-being. It’s an untapped approach to set preventive plans while insuring proper return on investments.

Communities onboarding

Feelings and perceptions


Plug&Play services

Multi devices


Optimize and objectify decision making by linking environment to human.

Communities’ interactions consolidation

Engage with defined users (experts, employees, customers, citizens…) to better communicate your environmental information with tailored outreach services, websites, visualization tools (Digital panels…) and apps. Enable surrounding communities to submit their observations like air quality, dust, odour, water taste, noisy places… through a user-firendly interface.

Perceptions Vs Environmental data

Easily compare modeled environmental data with your users’ perceptions to identify correlations or unsuspected environmental risks. Smart insights to help you take the right decisions and mitigate risks with higlhy accurate data.

Communities report and exposure insight

Develop a greater understanding of pollutants in every type of areas and microenvironments and identify the health effects of pollution exposure within your community.

Communities long term health follow-up

Simulate and identify pollutants’ effect on your users’ health and wellbeing. Extrapolate impacts on a long term based on program’s users.

Analyse & explain
act & prevent


Limit risks with personalized preventions and predictions

Personalized alerting

Define custom alerts for your communities on environmental thresholds and health criterias. Be notified of unfolding or upcoming events on specific areas.

On personalized triggers

Individual prevention

Provide science-based prevention advices to help engage and protect stakeholders and comunities to create sound action plans for positive change.

Healthy routes recommandations

Provide your communities with real-time and forecasted itineraries / healthy routes recommandations limiting their risks exposure and taking into account their health characteristics.

Simulated prevention

Management and prevention plans simulation on program’s members.

Turn communities into ambassadors. Improve their experience

Build organizational resilience on every level by puting health and well-being first

Support and ensure CSR and Quality of Life efforts and compliance

Deploy health prevention plans and manage behaviour change

Well-being & Health expertise.

Act for a better world.

Unlock the power of environmental data for smart decisions

Trust and confidence
Reliable and accurate data, coverage and support like no other provider

Personnalized experience
An highly engaging and intuitive experience to insure you efficiency.

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