for enhanced environmental data

Provide smart sensors with high-resolution and high-quality data to reveal important trends and enable any actions taken in response to be fine-tuned for an optimal result. A wide range of IoTs to meet your needs to better monitor context and exposure.

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Centralize your environmental data thanks to advanced sensors for a wide variety of polluants.

Air quality
NOx, NO2, SO2, SOx, O3, TVOC,

PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10

Radon, CO




UV A/B, light intensity





Multi-pollutants tracking 

Exclusive and ultra-sensitive sensor technology for a detailed and precise pollutant by pollutant analysis.

Lightweight and adaptative experience thanks to nomad and modular sensors.

Indoor & Outdoor

A wide range of nomadic IoT allowing to capture data everywhere. 

Continuous (24h/24 and 7days/7) or punctual monitoring.

mBox nomad Meersens

mBox Nomad

To enhance the experience, the mBox Nomad with cutting edge sensors is the perfect portable partner, thanks to its size and long autonomy, wireless (BLE), modularity and eco-friendly design. It’s perfect to monitor people’s exposure and potential environmental impacts.

The standardized capsules mSens scheme allows our mBox Nomad to enrich on the fly its panel of sensors to test a wide range of pollutants without changing usage and IoT.

mBox Guardian

To continuously monitor indoor air quality and noise, the mBox Guardian, equipped with sensors specifically developed for indoor air, takes continuous measurements at any time of the day or night to allow a fine modeling of your environment. Its simple, uncluttered design and small size makes it the ideal companion to ensure the health security of any indoor area.

Easy to use thanks to its plug&play technology and LTE communication, you just have to plug it in to start collecting measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds, NO2, Particulate Matter, CO2, and many other pollutants.

mBox guardian Meersens
mBox sentinel Meersens

mBox Sentinel

The mBox Sentinel is perfectly suited for an outdoor use. Installed in a key location, it continuously measures the pollutants of your choice with sensors specially developed and adapted to the constraints of an outdoor environment.

Its wireless communication (LTE) allows to ensure a data storage in the cloud even without WiFi and security bridge challenges.

Its weather protective shield protects it from external agressions and environmental disturbances in order to provide reliable data regardless of the external environment.

Wireless communication and protocols give you the means to assess situation anytime and anywhere.

Easily identify sources and compare indoor vs outdoor data

Ensure monitored and under control work and life spaces

Confidently analyze the effectiveness of current systems

Assess emissions and exposures by deploying at the right spots

Wireless communication and protocols give you the means to assess situation anytime and anywhere.

Unlock the power of environmental data for smart decisions

Trust and confidence
Reliable and accurate data, coverage and support like no other provider

Personnalized experience
An highly engaging and intuitive experience to insure you efficiency.

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