Meersens joins Distech Controls’ digital partner program for healthier buildings.

February 25, 2022

Meersens partenaire Distech Controls

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Meersens, a company specializing in the study of the impact of environmental factors, joins Distech Controls’ Digital Partner Program (DPP).

Distech Controls connects occupants to smart buildings with forward-thinking building automation systems technologies and services, from comprehensive space management to systems and equipment control solutions that improve health, space and efficiency.

The Distech Controls Digital Partner Program brings together a network of companies that share expertise and best practices to make buildings more efficient, connected and engaging.

Meersens contributes to creating a sustainable future by highlighting the exposome through its 360° environmental health and multi-pollutant visualization, prediction and engagement/action solution to prevent pollution, monitor and control it in order to create a sustainable, safer and healthier future.

About Meersens: 

Health and exposure to the environment have become major challenges of our modern societies, which we must urgently control in order to act for a healthier world. We are talking about invisible dangers, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. These environmental factors that impact health have a name: the exposome.

Meersens is the environmental data specialist. SaaS/API platform for geo-temporal modeling (air quality, water quality, noise, pollens…) contributing to health and well-being. Beyond environmental compliance, it is to give the means to act and deploy predictive and preventive actions to limit the impact of the environment in the context of CSR policy, patient monitoring and issues on smart-city and real estate.

Meersens makes invisible visible in 1 click! Let’s act for a healthier world.

Press contact:

Claire MASSA