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Leverage the power of environmental intelligence to unlock value, assess potential risks and make smart and confident decisions.

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Unleash the power of environmental intelligence

Unleash the power of environmental intelligence

Make the invisible visible as a key step to protect your assets and mitigate risks. The Assess module allows you to have a precise overview of the environment in defined location and time span. From benchmarking, monitoring to compliance and alerting, it gives you in real time the means to act.

Global and granular coverage

Historic & 96h forecast

High accuracy for any location

Dynamic heatmap

Plumes and dispersion


Mitigate risks by proactively identifying and analysing the environment

Area & site geotemporal comparison

Easily identify areas needing the most attention and better characterize pollutant emissions to get improvement in the right places. Visualize data related to incidents, including leading indicators, to make better decisions about what to change. 

Environmental modeling and simulation

Modeled evolution on given environmental event and sources with Discrete Event Simulation (DES) providing a sound framework for modeling and analysing the environment and its impacts.

Source identification

Shorten investigation time by easily identifying and characterizing emissions sources and involved activities to improve the situation.

Centralize complaints from the community and easily qualify them to focus on what matters.
Know more on Engage solution.

Mastering Environmental, Health and Safety compliance

Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance by monitoring, measuring, auditing environmental health. Track correspondence, with regulators and keep an accurate record of everything related to the incident. 

Standards norms / Custom indexes

Populational report and exposure insight

Report, track and monitor population exposure to environmental concerns. Know how many people are impacted and caracterize health risks. 


Turn your data into action. Get health recommandations and decision support scenarii to help you take better decisions.

Health tips

Develop a greater understanding of pollutants in the areas you are responsible for to assess emissions source impacts and protect public health thanks to health advices.

Prevention plans simulation

Build virtual populations divided in specific clusters to assess impact of various environmental scenarii and estimate efficiency of simulated prevention plans.


Define custom alerts on environmental thresholds and be notified of unfolding or upcoming events on specific areas.

On personalized triggers

Act and protect your stakeholders

Turn your data into action. Get health recommandations and decision support scenarios to help you make the best decisions.
Enhance your environmental experience with the ENGAGE solution:


Collect interactions and answer to complaints, elevate trust

Benchmark and compare feelings vs real environmental data to set potential correlations

Support and ensure your stakeholders well-being through personalized care and prevention

Unlock the power of environmental data for smart decisions

Trust and confidence
Reliable and accurate data, coverage and support like no other provider

Personnalized experience
An highly engaging and intuitive experience to insure you efficiency.

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