Cancer is a disease whose incidence has greatly increased in recent decades. This is due on the one hand to the screenings put in place (breast, prostate cancer …) but not only unfortunately.

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Cancer and environment 
Cancer and genetics 
Prevent cancer
Be informed to act better in the face of cancer

World Cancer Day

The numbers can be scary, in 2018 cancer claimed 157,400 victims in France. However it is possible to fight. In 2009 the WHO estimated that 30% of cancers in the world could be avoided and this reaches 40% of cancers in France by changing some daily behaviors!

The fight against cancer can start at any time on an individual level, by adopting the right habits. This world day, like awareness campaigns, aims to provide prevention tools for all.

  • Cancer and environment 

If many cases of cancer are avoidable, it is in particular that this disease is linked to ‘exposome , that is to say environmental exposures impacting the health of conception and over the course of life. Even though there are many types of cancer, some environmental factors are very strongly correlated with the occurrence of these.

Acting on these factors means reducing the risk of developing this disease.

  • Cancer and genetics : 

It is sometimes easy to balk at a change in behavior, especially when faced with the example of a smoker whose smoker or non-smoker develops cancer of the lungs! This case illustrates several facts:

  • the first is that cancer is multifactorial, there is not a single cause which implies its development
  • the second is that there are genetic predispositions that make one individual more likely to develop cancer than another.
  • the last fact specific to this case is that the non-smoking fellow is a passive smoker which is also a risk factor for the occurrence of cancer of the lungs!

In a more general case, it should be remembered that it is not because one is genetically predisposed that one should not act, it is on the contrary, by taking one’s health in hand by limiting exposure to risk factors that the occurrence of cancer can be avoided.

  • Prevent cancer

“I quit smoking”

Tobacco is responsible for almost 90% of cancers of the lung. What is less known is that it is the direct cause, or a contributing factor, of 17 other types of cancer!

“I’m going to have a soft drink”

6 cancer locations are affected with more than 15 000 deaths a year due to alcohol. Limiting consumption is essential.

“I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator”

Daily physical activity is important for preventing many chronic diseases and 4 types of cancer directly. Physical activity helps maintain a healthy weight, which is also a cancer risk prevention factor.

“This midday I am eating a balanced homemade dish”

The factors favoring these risks are mainly excess red meat (beef, pork, lamb and mutton, and preparations containing it), excess deli meats, fatty, salty or very sweet and ultra foods -transformés.

“I thought about putting on sunscreen before going to the sun”

It is also very important to limit your exposure to the sun, in particular between 12 p.m.and 4 p.m., sunscreen is not always enough

“I use the Meersens application to find out about my environment “

Meersens gives you a weather forecast of your environment as well as personalized adviceto avoid being exposed to situations at risk for your health. An application that will help you make the invisible visible.

  • Be informed to act better:

From prevention to screening to treatment, information plays a crucial role in reducing your risk of cancer. The ARC foundation is a member of the International Union Against Cancer and offers numerous brochures to learn specifically about how to prevent it and how to live better during and after cancer.

You will find more information and good everyday gestures on the application Meersens, the guardian of your health.

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