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Meersens finalizes the Google Startups for Sustainable Development 2023 impact measurement program

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The Google Startups for Sustainable Development program aims to support businesses striving to tackle global sustainability challenges. The program builds a community and supports startups with advisors, funding, and platform technology. The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a framework for measuring impact. The program is not time-limited, aiming to support startups in their mission of long-term, large-scale impact.

Meersens, an innovative startup specializing in environmental health.

Meersens – labeled #GreenTech & #DeepTech – is a positive impact company in the field of environmental health (☁️ air, 💧water, 📣noise, 🌻pollen, 🔥fire, 🌦️weather, ☀️UV…). Our mission: to build a sustainable future by mitigating environmental risks and promoting the well-being of all stakeholders – by offering personalized environmental monitoring and prevention.

Our solutions, based on cutting-edge tools such as SaaS, API, IoT, and applications, provide comprehensive, accurate, and real-time information on a variety of pollutants for any location. We work closely with communities, real estate, luxury, industry, insurers, health organizations, laboratories, as well as CSR and QWL professionals within companies of all sizes to help them make informed decisions. Our goal is to mitigate environmental risks and positively contribute to the health and well-being of stakeholders by providing quality environmental information, supported by the high precision of our data.

The Impact Measurement Certificate

GreenTech Innovation

It is now well-known that the environment impacts health; for instance, there are 7 million deaths worldwide each year attributed to poor air quality alone. The environment can contribute to the development or exacerbation of numerous chronic illnesses, many of which could be reduced or even prevented by changing our environmental exposure and behavior.

These environmental challenges significantly affect everyone’s health and represent a considerable cost for businesses – sick leave, absenteeism, loss of productivity… – as well as for public and political entities.

The consideration of environmental health is becoming a top priority, especially with the intensification of existing regulations and standards, incorporating the environmental dimension, and current events urging populations to be increasingly rigorous on these issues. Human health is also returning to the forefront of priorities, with health being taken into account in all decisions. It is therefore time to act and be proactive in response to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Meersens working towards SDG #3 Health and Well-being and SDG #11 Sustainable Cities.

The Google Startups for Sustainable Development 2023 impact measurement program highlights Meersens’ commitment to using technology to foster a more sustainable and healthier future. It is explicitly designed to enable startups to measure and report on their impact on the SDGs.

Here’s an overview of our impact:

👉 In 2023, we contributed to improving air quality on 6.9 million hectares and helped 14,000 individuals benefit from cleaner air, significantly reducing deaths related to chronic diseases.

👉 By 2030, our goal is to improve the health and well-being of 57,000 people across 35 million hectares. This is what drives us every day at Meersens! 💙

And this is just the beginning… stay tuned 👀

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Solution Meersens - Santé environnementale

Meersens est une entreprise à impact positif dans le domaine de la santé environnementale, mobilisée pour créer un avenir durable, permettant d’atténuer les risques environnementaux et de contribuer positivement à la santé et au bien-être des parties prenantes – en offrant une surveillance et une prévention environnementales personnalisées.

Meersens offre une vision et une surveillance multi-polluants à 360°, en temps réel, historique et prédictive, pour n’importe quel lieu, avec une grande précision, vous permettant d’atténuer les risques et de prendre de meilleures décisions.

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