mBox Guardian - MMG-175

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The mBox Guardian MMG-175 – Wellness The mBox Guardian MMG-175 – Wellness is an intelligent sensor for the overall air quality index. It can monitor fine particles (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), relative humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, light, and noise – essentially covering various indicators reflecting air quality.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor

LED Indication

LED Indication in Case of Fault

The LEDs indicate faults as follows:

LED Failure Indication :

If one of the LEDs is detected as faulty during startup, the other LEDs will remain lit indefinitely. This allows for visually identifying the faulty LED or LEDs.

The sensor will continue to measure and communicate normally. This fault will be transmitted in the built-in test.

This test is not conducted during operation, only at startup. Therefore, if an LED fails during operation, this fault will not be detected.

Default Settings

Setpoints have a significant influence on the LED display; it’s important to know the default values.

Default values can be considered a reference since they will be lost after a setting change, and there is no magic button to revert to default values.

In Measurement Threshold Mode (Default)

Note that the Night Mode is not controlled by the built-in light sensor of the probe by default.

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