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Turn environmental data into action on your real estate assets

Meersens and Visiativ are delighted to invite you to a breakfast on the theme of environmental data, in and around buildings, on October 05, 2023 at the Yacht Club de France in Paris.

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Providing healthy, attractive workspaces

Providing healthy and attractive work environments is essential. It is undeniable that the quality of teams directly impacts the productivity of companies. To optimize this dynamic, it is essential to create workplaces that promote well-being and health.

However, many companies still hesitate to integrate air quality into their work environment, despite numerous studies proving its positive impact on their employees, as well as on their non-financial reports (DPEF and future CSRD).

All companies have the ability to understand and manage their real estate assets in order to create a healthy and pleasant work environment.

Let’s take this friendly opportunity to discuss the current context and best practices in environmental data collection and management, as well as building management. We will have the pleasure of welcoming three major speakers who will share their valuable experiences:

  • Nathalie CHAMPEAUX, Digital Building Marketing Director, Schneider Electric France
  • Aurélie REBAUDO-ZULBERTY, Co-founder and Managing Director of N’CO Conseil
  • Morane REY-HUET, CEO & Founder, Meersens

Discover how to improve air quality in buildings by unleashing the power of environmental data and making the invisible visible!🌎


  • Introduction: the current situation in France
  • Regulations and labels (CSRD, taxonomy, DEET, HQE, WELL, OsmoZ, Fitwel…)
  • How is data collected?
  • Reporting
  • Action plans

– Building management to meet environmental quality requirements for occupant comfort and productivity (Schneider Electric France)

– Audits (presentation by Meersens)

Practical informations:

  • Location: Yacht Club de France – Paris 16e
  • Date: octobre 5 2023
  • Opening hours: 8.30 a.m. – 11 a.m.

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Solution Meersens - Santé environnementale

Meersens est une entreprise à impact positif dans le domaine de la santé environnementale, mobilisée pour créer un avenir durable, permettant d’atténuer les risques environnementaux et de contribuer positivement à la santé et au bien-être des parties prenantes – en offrant une surveillance et une prévention environnementales personnalisées.

Meersens offre une vision et une surveillance multi-polluants à 360°, en temps réel, historique et prédictive, pour n’importe quel lieu, avec une grande précision, vous permettant d’atténuer les risques et de prendre de meilleures décisions.

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