Meersens joins the IMMOWELL-LAB Accelerator specialized in Wellness through Real Estate

Meersens, a company specialized in the study of the impact of environmental factors, joins the Immowell-Lab accelerator.

Immowell-Lab is a startup accelerator dedicated to wellness through real estate supporting the development of new real estate solutions and accelerating market transformation to support health and wellness through the spaces we inhabit.

The objective of this initiative, co-managed by Impulse Partner and ARP-Astrance, is to connect real estate professionals, key accounts and institutions to create projects that improve the Comfort, Health and Well-being of users in real estate and urban projects, and to bring out new innovative solutions adapted to the challenges of well-being through real estate, which contribute to the enrichment of the Well Building Standard.

Well-being and health of occupants is a major concern of the real estate industry.

The quality of indoor spaces has become a public health issue. We spend nearly 90% of our lives inside buildings, while the indoor air is 7 times more polluted than outside.

Air pollution, noise, non-optimal temperature or poor lighting: all these factors can affect the quality of life at work and have consequences on short and long term health: tiredness, headaches, breathing difficulties…

In addition to affecting the health and well-being of employees, poor indoor environmental quality impacts their efficiency and productivity and consequently the company’s business.

With Meersens, reduce the impact of buildings on health

Air quality, noise pollution, luminosity, thermal comfort: : with Meersens solutions, make the invisible visible!

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