Mold: an underestimated health risk for children

Molds: a health risk for children 

Bacteria, viruses and pollen are well-known biological contaminants and their impact on health is well established. What about mold?

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Mold and health: 

Microscopic fungi that colonize soils and vegetation in particular, called molds and represent 25% of biological contaminants in the air, present a health risk that is generally overlooked.

In fact, just like pollen, molds can exacerbate asthma in children. The exacerbation of asthma in adults remains to be demonstrated.

In addition, mold can be present indoors but also in outdoor air. As with pollens, there are many taxa of molds.

To avoid the development of mold indoors, you must reduce the sources of humidity, that is to say, ventilate well:

After cooking 

After showering 

While laundry is drying indoors

For mold present outside certain periods are more at risk (summer and autumn), certain areas are also known to be potential sources of mold such as waste reception centers, sewage treatment plants and agricultural areas. Like pollen, it is best to avoid risky areas. Unfortunately, there is not yet a calendar for mold as there is for pollen.

In conclusion, untreated mold can have health effects: allergies, respiratory diseases, lung infections, asthma and cough.

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