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Stay home! This is the watchword for the next few days in order to curb and limit the spread of Covid-19 in France. At the time of quarantine, you panic at the idea of not knowing what to do to keep yourself busy! Here are several ideas specially selected and tested for you!

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Take the time to read, read, and read some more during this quarantine.

The FNAC, Cultura, or Dragaud, provide thousands of ebooks and comics available for free, including classics and must-haves!

Music lovers are over the moon!

Discover or rediscover many great artists, live from your sofa for the greatest pleasure of your ears! ArteConcert, CultureBox,the Paris Opera... offer hundreds of shows, concerts and operas, free of charge and for the duration of the confinement.

Learn the art of tidying up with Marie KONDO.

More than a way to tidy up, it is a real tool for personal development that can lead to a certain inner peace! At least that’s what the storage rock star promises 😊! You can find it on Netflix in “The Art of Storage”.

Playing sports! Finally give it a try!

Squatting challenges, daily challenges over several weeks or sports… hundreds of videos, applications, platforms will motivate you!

And if you are lucky enough, or not, to be confined with your children, know that sport is also a fun way to occupy a big half hour of their day! Several videos are available and have been tested and approved by thousands of parents:

When you say quarantine, you say relaxation!

Quarantine is also an opportunity to discover the benefits of yoga or to perfect the practice. Many tutorials are available on Youtube. But Adriene MISHLER with “Yoga with Adriene” is the queen! Then to your carpets!

The stoves, a new pleasure!

Creativity, nutrition, well-being. Whether you are in quarantine alone or in a group, cooking with innovation (and why not by watching Top Chef reruns) is the best cure for boredom. However, quarantine does not mean bad eating or snacking.

Are you passionate about movies?!

Cinémathèque offers you hundreds of videos: film lessons, essays, conferences… As well as hundreds of articles! You can also find master classes, debates, interviews and web series on the Image Forum! So happy?! strong, cool

Couch break with friends!

Watching Netflix is cool, but watching it in a group and respecting containment is even better. With Google’s Netflix Party extension, watch Netflix remotely with friends, remote video sync and group chat! Tonight, we don’t know about you, but for us it’s cinema all together 😁

How about a trip to the museums?!

Doesn’t your thirst for culture leave you in this quarantine? Find 10 museums to visit online from your home, free of charge, on the QuatreMille.be. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the Louvre and the Van Gogh Museum! Travel without moving.

Online games!

Online games are also a great way to pass the time while learning, challenging yourself and using your best talents:
Skribbl.io: The Ace of Pictionary online. You have to guess the word drawn by a player, the fastest ones win the most points. At the end of the third round a ranking is established.
Wolfy is a successful online werewolf game. Your village is infected by werewolves, and we must defend your camp, untangle the manipulations and create alliances…


And even more good stuff

How Meersens can help you!

Being confined to one’s home means being even more vigilant about one’s lifestyle. Avec l’application Meersensdevenez acteur de votre santé. Get daily tips and gestures for healthy living and successful confinement! Decrypt your environment and your food, make the invisible visible for a healthier life.

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