Sesame seeds at risk for health: product recall

Many products containing sesame seeds have been recalled due to contamination with chemicals classified as carcinogenic.

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Sesame seeds, from India, contaminated with residues of plant protection products: ethylene oxide.The levels observed are more than 1000 times the regulatory maximum limit (MRL), which is 0.05 mg / kg.Many countries in Europe are affected by the contamination of sesame seeds, including France.

NB: this pesticide has also been found in many organic products containing sesame.

Impact on health 

Ethylene oxide is a genotoxic carcinogenic gas (IARC I) and could pose a problem with regular high-dose consumption over the long term, according to Belgian health authorities.Belgian health authorities speak of a serious risk to health with regular consumption over a lifetime.What about regular consumption through cookies or breads over several years?Unfortunately, the health authorities do not have enough answers to be able to decide precisely on the risks.Further investigations are necessary to estimate the risks to the health of consumers affected by the consumption of the recalled products.However, consumption in small amounts does not present an acute health risk.

Use for food 

Ethylene oxide belonging to the category of pesticides has biocidal (against bacteria and their endospores) and fungicidal (against molds and fungi) properties. It is used for the sterilization of substances which pasteurization, or any other high temperature process, could damage.

Examples of recalled products 

Mix sésame – TANOSHI

Sesame seeds at risk for health: product recall

Sesame seeds – BIO VILLAGE

Sesame cookies – GERBLE

Sesame seeds at risk for health: product recall

Bio Hummus – ODYSEE

Sesame seeds at risk for health: product recall

Chocolat cocottes and seeds – ST MICHEL

NB: other products containing sesame may be affected and have not yet been added to the list of product recalls.Track product recalls issued by authorities with the Meersens app.

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