#TechForGood, global impact movement

“Tech for good” is a global movement aspiring to use technology for the good of humans, the planet and of societal utility. The actors of this movement respond in particular to the sustainable development goals #GlobalGoals defined by the United Nations.

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What is “Tech For Good”?

The #TechForGood is carried by committed contractors or actors who give an alternative vision of the use of technology and digital for societal well-being.

This movement looks like that of Silicon Valley “ Bring Unsexy Back ” meaning “make us startups not sexy”. He encourages investors, founders and leaders to look beyond the startup ecosystem and address real issues.

The startup ecosystem is evolving, overturning codes, because if the ‘how’ was before the main question posed by project leaders, it is now the ‘why’ that is at ‘agenda. And this is explained by Simon SINEK with his “Golden Circle” and demonstrating why some are able to succeed and others to fail.

The ‘ What ’ corresponds to the ‘What’, each company and leader knows what it does, 100%; this is his project.

The ‘ How ’ stands for ‘How’ these products or services are implemented: the process, the patents …

And the ‘ Why ’, ‘Why’ a company does what it does? What is the meaning of its mission? Why does a leader get up in the morning …?

An inspiring business is one that works from the inside out, while the majority of today’s leaders do the opposite. (Ted talk by Simon Sinek)

In this spirit #TechForGood , we also find the “Fintech for good “combining finance and technology; as mentioned by strong> Cédric VILLANI , MP, during the Fintech R: Evolution event: “We need to develop finance for people and the environment. “.

The Tech for Good is so fashionable, we can see it as the future of innovation and not as a fleeting trend.

Meersens is truly a #TechForGood , working in a societal impact approach and meeting one of the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN, number 3: Health and Wellbeing ; by enabling everyone in the world to protect their health from environmental and health risks.

With Meersens , become an actor of your health: dive into the heart of the action by helping the community and improve your health through knowledge of your environment and access to personalized advice.

Solution Meersens - Santé environnementale

Meersens est une entreprise à impact positif dans le domaine de la santé environnementale, mobilisée pour créer un avenir durable, permettant d’atténuer les risques environnementaux et de contribuer positivement à la santé et au bien-être des parties prenantes – en offrant une surveillance et une prévention environnementales personnalisées.

Meersens offre une vision et une surveillance multi-polluants à 360°, en temps réel, historique et prédictive, pour n’importe quel lieu, avec une grande précision, vous permettant d’atténuer les risques et de prendre de meilleures décisions.

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