Environmental Startup Accelerator Microsoft

Meersens laureate of the Environmental Startup Accelerator from Microsoft France!

Environmental Startup Accelerator: a program for committed startups

Environmental Startup Accelerator is the first program dedicated to startups committed to reducing the carbon footprint of businesses. It aims to encourage projects and new technologies that help preserve the planet.

« L’Environmental Startup Accelerator offers concrete support to entrepreneurs who develop innovative solutions to meet the urgency of the ecological transition. In this context, Microsoft offers technical and business support to facilitate the ramp-up of technological solutions for startups, as well as a privileged relationship with our customer and partner ecosystem with whom we are proud to advance these projects of the future.»

Corine de Bilbao, Présidente de Microsoft France

Meersens among the 11 winners 

Meersens, thanks to its SaaS/API platform, a reference in environmental modeling (air, pollen, thermal comfort, noise…) allows to optimize the energy consumption of buildings while ensuring the health and well-being of occupants.

Environmental Startup Accelerator

8 expert partners to support the winning startups

To guarantee a targeted support, each startup, according to its dominance and its own needs, will be assigned the support of one or more partners according to their areas of expertise: ADEME, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Capgemini, Demeter, Fondation Solar Impulse, Schneider Electric, STATION F, SUEZ.

Environmental Startup Accelerator - Partners

WithMeersens, optimize the energy consumption of your buildings 

Air quality, noise pollution, luminosity, thermal comfort: with Meersens solutions, make the invisible visible!

Solution Meersens - Santé environnementale

Meersens est une entreprise à impact positif dans le domaine de la santé environnementale, mobilisée pour créer un avenir durable, permettant d’atténuer les risques environnementaux et de contribuer positivement à la santé et au bien-être des parties prenantes – en offrant une surveillance et une prévention environnementales personnalisées.

Meersens offre une vision et une surveillance multi-polluants à 360°, en temps réel, historique et prédictive, pour n’importe quel lieu, avec une grande précision, vous permettant d’atténuer les risques et de prendre de meilleures décisions.

Lectures complémentaires

The noise maps in France
The noise maps in France

Noise maps: Mandatory every 5 years according to European regulations, they assess noise exposure from transportation and industries


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