mBox Guardian - MMG-171

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The mBox Guardian MMG-171 is an intelligent global air index sensor. It can monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), humidity, pressure, carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature – essentially covering a variety of indicators reflecting air quality.

Wall installation:

You will find on page 5 of the PDF document available at the top of the page, an appendix with a plan of the station at scale 1 allowing a transfer of the drilling dimensions directly on the wall.

Please note: if you print this document, the printing parameters may change the original size of the plans below. If you wish to use this document as a template, the dimensions must be checked before use.

The mBox Guardian is attached to the wall using two screws that fit into the holes on the back of the box. This allows installation without having to open the box.

We recommend the use of screws with a diameter of 3 mm, either round or flat, and with a screw head diameter of between 5 and 7 mm.

Warning: in order not to damage the motherboard, the top of the screw heads should not be more than 7 mm from the wall (ideal distance between the wall and the base of the screw head: 4 mm).

The distance between the two holes is 81mm.

To attach mBox Guardian
  • Place the drilling template level and mark the location of the screws.
  • Drill the wall with a drill bit adapted to the support and the plugs.
  • Place the wall plugs and screws so that the base of the screw head is 4mm from the wall.
  • Install the mBox Guardian by inserting the screw heads into the holes provided and sliding the unit down to the end of the slide.
Finalizing the installation

To complete the installation:

  • Connect the Guardian mBox to the 12V power cable provided.
  • Connect the power supply to a wall outlet (type C, E or F).